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Born of the idea and inspiration, that some are meant to wander. Exploring an earth that many may only see in pictures or hear strewn about in decorated stories.
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amazing places

International travel destinations, written by true REIKA Wanderers.


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Every month REIKA features one of our favorite photographers from the Wanderers community.


North American Nature: Utah/Arizona


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Travel Stories: When Magic Finds You

"I’ve tried to imagine what traveling would be like if pictures weren’t a
part of it. I stop myself from venturing too deep into such thought
because I don’t want to know."


North American Nature: Colorado

"During a very long drive back to Denver, we all agreed that a day like that makes us proud to call Colorado home and that we truly got to experience nature’s awe inspiring display of a Colorado Autumn."


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Amazing Places: New Zealand

"The inspiration to travel struck us sometime in mid 2015. It all began with extensive research, where we looked into the different countries that offered US citizens working visas. New Zealand caught our eye and the decision was made. We were going to move there
for a full year.


Amazing Places: Bali

"Bali opened its marvel to me once I escaped and left behind its typical tourism tastes of Kuta and explored the parts that most will only see in pictures. I met an amazing Balinese guy named Bagi from a previous trip to Ubud, and it was all throughout that SE Asia trip that we went from motorcycle adventures seeing the Monkey Forest and playing with elephants, to day trips in his car, hiking and searching for waterfalls."

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