In 2007, I moved from Denver, Colorado to the other side of the world; Jakarta. Knowing nothing about Indonesia or its culture, and having never been out of the United States before, I went with only $150 in my pocket. I didn't know anyone there. I just...went. From Borobudur to Bali to trains and trails all over Java and beyond, it was an experience unlike any other.

With each new adventure found, and every new story uncovered, some travelers unearth a realization, that you never want it to end. The landscapes, the people, the experiences. You return home, but your soul incessantly whispers for you to leave again. So, in 2008, I moved to Japan, and was lured again to Indonesia in 2012.

Paddle Board Lembo.jpg

This past year in 2017, I left for Southeast Asia to solo travel. No plan. Only destinations. I got lost as many times as the universe would let me. And in that, a seed had been planted, sprouting a passion to create a brand providing travel gear and a community for backpackers, hikers, explorers, outdoor enthusiasts and anyone else who prefers moving...over staying.

Reika is an Icelandic word. It means to wander. It is also an idea. A philosophy. A lifestyle. It's what we do, and what we want to inspire others to do as well. To at times, let life be a journey, rather than a task or a role. To Find Your Wander.