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Lets be real. Some states in America are just far more blessed than
others when it comes to nature and outdoor beauty. Some get to touch the
ocean or claim some sort of desired climate and/or terrain that many
others cannot (ever driven through Kansas or Nebraska and wanted to
shoot yourself?). Living in Colorado and calling it my home for a large
portion of my life, has been nothing short of incredible. Much of its
magic is not only the mountainous beauty, but because we get to
experience the true essence of all four seasons.

Winters have seemingly grown longer in recent years, and any Coloradan
will gladly tell you how much we love it when spring comes and that it
always feels long overdue. But before every winter comes, we’re somehow
eased into it gently thanks to an absolute gorgeous fall. Fall in
Colorado is incredible when you allow yourself to experience it’s
changing colors and cooling temperatures. The aspens here seem to sing a
song if you look at them long enough and appreciate their yearly

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Of all my years in Colorado though, last fall was possibly the most
moving yet. Myself and two of my closest friends decided to just take
off one day on a photography inspired road trip that had no destination
whatsoever, other than to just drive West and see the colors in search
of some good shots. We ended up driving all over the state that day and
literally went wherever things took us. From pulling off to the side of
a highway and/or wandering down random roads in search of photos, to
better known places that might be more common to an outdoor

Colorado offers amazing places like Rocky Mountain National Park or
Hanging Lake and other well known locations where tourism flows as
strong as a stream, but for us that random day in October was all about
driving to places where we didn’t know what we would find. Shaune and
Sarah have lived in Colorado their whole lives, and we still managed to
discover new places none of us knew anything about and had never seen.
We had left just before 6am that morning when it was still dark, and
didn’t get home until around midnight.

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It was nearly 18 hours of exploring and driving all over the state,
going as far south as Durango and driving through the amazing pass of
Wolf Creek. Our theory of the fact that we didn’t care about time or
distance, but only nature and beauty, was that we were greatly rewarded
for such adventure, by stumbling onto an incredible breathtaking scenic
overlook. It was absolutely stunning with its lush aspen groves and
sprawling hills. After that, we somehow stumbled onto a place called
Treasure Falls and spent the rest of the day hiking around and taking
waterfall shots.

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During a very long drive back to Denver, we all agreed that a day like
that makes us proud to call Colorado home and that we truly got to
experience nature’s awe inspiring display of a Colorado Autumn.

Story and Photography by Nate Sartain

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