REIKA’s QUEST 40 - Built For Adventure


  • Our 40 liter pack is perfectly ideal for day hikes and adventures, while also providing a great everyday backpack for work, school, gym, etc

  • Equipped with an internal frame for perfect stability and strength, yet only weighing in at 3 pounds

  • Hydration bladder/Camelbak ready, while also equipped with deep side pockets for your hydroflasks and water bottles

  • Adjustable internal compartment for storage & organization. Ability to become one large main pocket, or two separate compartments, each with own zipper access

  • Padded back section with air flow webbing to separate you and your clothing, keeping your back much cooler. A beloved feature by many

  • Equipped with an internal rain cover and special hidden pouch


Aaron S. - I bought my Reika backpack to make day trips while in southern Utah (Zion, Bryce). I was looking for something more affordable than Osprey etc but still high quality, and I am so happy to have found my Reika pack! I absolutely love some of the features especially the multiple compartments (which adds up), the light weight material, and zipper function. It’s durability is also high quality as it still looks in pristine condition despite a week straight doing day hikes on the trail. If you’re looking for a pack that is high quality but won’t break the bank, I highly recommend this pack.

Carmen S. - This backpack is lightweight, but stable and keeps the weight close to your back. No matter what terrain, the backpack stayed close to my body. The design is comfy with weight, and the air channel is ventilated well. It has many different, conveniently located pockets to help keep my stuff organized and easily accessible. Overall, a great backpack!

Robert R. - Since purchasing the Reika bag it has changed my outdoor adventures. Some of my favorite features are the suspended frame. It adds the perfect amount of support and keeps my back dry of sweat. I took it dirt biking and it felt like I had nothing on at all. The cover for when it’s rainy is genius. It’s the perfect size for a day adventure! In the future I would like to see Reika come out with a gym bag that is easy to wash. Perhaps another day bag that has a attachment for a pistol holster. Until then I’m going to rock the shit out of the quest 40L!

Shawn C. - Hi Nate, Hey I wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how much I love your Reika Backpacks! I ordered 2 packs in both shades of blue and absolutely love them. My other backpacks I own I use for hunting and paid twice as much for, but are on the same quality level as yours. They’re lighter, better function with more storage! I highly recommend your packs.

Justin P. - I bought a Reika bag for the looks and the compartments. I am a pocket snob when it comes to organization, and hate having gear floating around. The Reika bag keeps me from having to have separator bags in my bag. After having the Reika out several times, especially in the cold, I am happy with the quality. Zippers slide nicely, the hip strap fits snug on a tall skinny guy, and the contoured back insert helps weight distribution sit low on the hips. I ended up getting my wifey and daughter one, the nine-year-old daughter will grow into it and have a pack that should last her a decade or more. I recommend them to my friends and know if we're out together I won't be carrying their stuff or duct taping their pack.

Hector A. - Very happy with my REIKA hiking bag purchase. Fits tons of gear with lots of storage, All the straps and back padding support are really nice. The back is built in a way that it keeps the main pouch of the backpack off your back. This kept my back supported as it hugged nicely while snowboarding. The material it’s made out of seemed to do well in the snow while keeping my stuff dry, The water bottle pockets are nice and deep and held my 24oz water bottles secured, while it also has a compartment for a water bladder. The pack material seems strong and sturdy and I expect it to hold up well. The pack was easy to adjust and was very comfortable wearing. This is the first time I've taken a backpack snowboarding and barely noticed it in most of my riding.

Alyson - Reika provides a very comfortable and practical pack. It is lightweight enough for a day trip and was great for longer trips with more supplies needed. This pack is versatile with a wide range of fitting options and adjustments. Both of my daughters (16 & 14) and I have comfortably worn this pack and we are very different in size and body types. My teenage daughters love all the pockets and compartments and have chosen this pack over the other 2 we have at home. My 16-year-old said, “I had the coolest pack out of all of my camp friends”  which speaks volumes!.


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